Aya Meaning and origin

The Akan tribes, an ethnic group in Africa, created the 53 original symbols of Adinkra and Aya is one of them. Above all, it is a symbol of the fern (leaf). In other words a symbol of hardness and stubbornness may also sound like I’m not afraid of you, or I’m independent of you.
In addition according to Adinkra interpretation: Fern is a sustainable plant that can grow in inaccessible places. The person who carries that symbol implies that he has suffered many difficulties. The symbols are part of the culture of our ancestors and are a message to transmit wisdom also to the aspects of life and the environment. In conclusion, according to heritage and tradition, people who have been persistent with difficulty has worn the symbol, showing perseverance and firmness, and have been known for their resourcefulness & independence.

Did you know Aya Meaning in different languages ?

So Aya means:

  • Sword In Old German language;
  • in Japan is given name meaning colorful or beautiful;
  • Bird in Hebrew language mean Israeli bird of prey and fly swiftly;
  • in Babylonian origin means Mother of all things;
  • wonderful, amazing, miracle or verse in Arabic;
  • goodness, music or melody In Mongolian;
  • in Chemehuevi Indian Tribe (America) means tortoise;
  • Birth given name for female born on Friday from Baoule tribe in Ivory Coast;
  • wife Yoruba tribe in Nigeria;
  • Mother the word’s origin comes from Tibeto-Burman languages;
  • refers to women care taker or nurse for young children In Urdu language;
  • symbolizes mean a Good Soul In Turkish-Altaic mythology;
  • Egyptian goddess of beauty, good deeds and charm.
Aya Meaning