Aya Beach Bungalows

Kizimkazi is a charming fishing village known with his ocean breeze that comes in the sunlight and illuminates the beautiful white sand. It has a lovely beaches like mother nature create them from corals. In addition very popular attraction for dolphins tours that are located in nearby Menai Bay.



Aya Beach Bungalows is located in Kizimkazi, the South coast of Zanzibar, and tourists can enjoy the white sand and tranquil atmosphere. Every night they can witness the breath taking sunsets of Zanzibar from the beach, restaurant or their bungalow terraces.



Our restaurant is at the edge of a small cliff overlooking the ocean with laid back  atmosphere. The guests can see the fishermen market in the early morning hours or enjoy breath taking sunsets in the evening. The daily catch shows the wide variety of seafood that can be found in Zanzibar, King fish, Octopus, Tuna fish, Calamari, Lobster, crabs and many more. Fresh fish is prepared daily at our restaurant along with variety of traditional dishes and a few interesting additions to satisfy any customer.
*In advance food request can be made to accommodate our guests.




Catching Lobster

Catching Lobster Tourists can hunt for lobsters with a local fisherman during a trip to the reef in Kizimkazi village on Zanzibar island


Catching Octopus

Catching Octopus Tourists can hunt for octopus with a local fisherman during a trip to the reef in Kizimkazi village on Zanzibar island


Sun Set Sailing

Sun Set Sailing Tourists can experience the Sunset cruise and bring back memories of Love and romance. It is the best cruise experience. This can be experienced every night at Aya beach.


Mangrove Tour

Mangrove Tour Take a look at the endangered mangrove forest in the south east coast of Zanzibar. Explore the different types of mangrove trees in the area and enjoy the variety of marine life under the water. Take a break and enjoy the view with a drink and fruit [...]


Kiwengwa Caves Tour

Kiwengwa Caves Tour For all the cave lovers out there, wishing to explore this unique tour that gives you a different holiday experience. Exploring two caves and five different bat types together with variety of insects. Based in the east coast of Zanzibar.


Tumbatu Island Tour

Tumbatu Island Tour Island is based on the north east coast of Zanzibar. Tumbatu people are one of the 3 tribes that inhabit the archipelago. Great place to explore traditional life of Tumbatu village and farm. All tourists need a permit from the village elder at a $5 donation [...]


Dolphin Tour

Dolphin Tour From the Aya Beach Bungalows you can enjoy  the dolphin area  and outings are planned from the lodge on the private beach. Departure is in the morning before 7:30 or in the early afternoon. Marin Park fees & Equipment; mask fins and snorkel are included.


Mnemba Island Tour

Mnemba Island Tour Located on the Northwest side of the island. Perfect place for snorkeling and diving with wide variety of marine life. Places with shallow waters allow closer look of the variety of soft and hard corals. The picture perfect Island adds to the overall experience. Duration: Full [...]


Blue Safari Tour

Blue Safari Tour This adventure starts from the hotel beach and takes you into the magical mangrove lagoon. Exploring the mangrove tree, surrounded by mushroom like rocks in the middle of the water. Discover white sand beach in the middle of nowhere and enjoy delicious lunch, swim in the [...]

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